Dear Kidmax,

Thank you for being the wonderful, caring business you are.

I am a grandmother of ten.

Three year old triplet grandchildren. Two boys and one girl.

Two foster grandchildren are sister and brother. Ages three years and one year old.

Two nine year old granddaughters.

One seven year old grandson.

One seven year old granddaughter.

One four year old granddaughter.

Seven of those grandchildren live in Wisconsin. Three of those grandchildren live in Ohio. I live in Illinois.

You help me with providing amazing outfits for all my grandchildren. Since my grandchildren are so close in ages and girls out number the boys, "hand me downs" are few. However, I am able to help with clothing and accessories through you.

I have neighbors with children. I purchase clothing for their children. Two three year old boys. One eighteen month old girl. One six month old boy.
The families appreciate the clothing. Of course the clothing and accessories you provide are pristine.

You are helping five families and a total of fourteen children. I cannot thank you enough for all you do. 

Again, your business helps me help family members and friends. When I hear that a child needs a particular piece of clothing or special outfit, you are my go to  business. It would be a waste of my time and resources to go anywhere else.

I know my order is processed immediately because it is delivered within a week. You are efficient!

I hope you have been blessed with good health. I hope you stay healthy and safe.


Pam C

I have most of my kids gift and other gifts for Christmas. I’m going to go broke with all your awesome deals. Thank you so much. 
Liset F.
Hi! Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I've ordered from this site 2xs and both times have been flawless. I am so happy you guys have an online store. Fast shipping too!!!!
Deza S.
Thank you so much Kidzmax, everything is so pretty. My oldest wanted to wear them as soon as she saw the clothes. 
Liset O.
Wow I’m blown away. Excellent service. I will definitely be ordering again. Thank you so much! 

Andrea P.
Hi there, I didnt see any way to leave a review but everything was perfect! All 3 of my shipments were wonderful and I will be a regular customer.
Bridget D.