I have most of my kids gift and other gifts for Christmas. I’m going to go broke with all your awesome deals. Thank you so much. 
Liset F.
Hi! Just wanted to say THANK YOU! I've ordered from this site 2xs and both times have been flawless. I am so happy you guys have an online store. Fast shipping too!!!!
Deza S.
Thank you so much Kidzmax, everything is so pretty. My oldest wanted to wear them as soon as she saw the clothes. 
Liset O.
Wow I’m blown away. Excellent service. I will definitely be ordering again. Thank you so much! 

Andrea P.
Thank you for the quality of clothing and equipment that you have available to the consumer. You have helped me, help my children, with dressing and providing equipment for my eight grandchildren. Three of the eight grandchildren are three year old triplets, two boys and one girl. I have five granddaughters and three grandsons.
Two granddaughters are nine years old. One granddaughter is seven years old. One granddaughter is four years old. One granddaughter is three years old. One grandson is six years old. Two grandsons are three years old. All my grandchildren live in other states. I know I could have the items sent directly to them. However, I appreciate seeing what I purchased. Then I send it off to my grandchildren. If we didn't have the pandemic, I would be able to bring the clothes and equipment to them. In a perfect world you would think that clothes would be able to be handed down to the families. There are complications with that. The two nine year old granddaughters don't have older cousins for hand me downs. The seven year old granddaughter may accept hand me downs from her sister. The four year old granddaughter may accept hand me downs from her two sisters. The three year old granddaughter may accept hand me downs from her four cousins. Then we have the six year old grandson, who does not have anyone older, so no hand me downs. If one of the three year old grandsons accepts hand me downs from his cousin, that leaves another three year old grandson without hand me downs.
So with the above scenario, I am able to help out. Actually you are helping out. I am able to choose styles, sizes, gender related, weather related clothing for all eight grandchildren, without breaking the bank. The quality of the clothing and the accurate sizing for items is excellent. The first time I ordered, you had many sizes and styles of tights. I am happy to say that my five granddaughters are going to be very comfortable with the colder weather ahead of us. My granddaughters, in parochial school wear dress uniforms. The tights are perfect for them. One granddaughter, the fashionista, is set for matching outfits to tights. The three year old granddaughter follows her cousin with fashion statements. The tights are perfect for her. The boys are going to look very handsome in their pants and dress up shirts. You have an assortment of both pants and shirts for me to choose similar outfits for them. We don't dress the two three year old grandsons the same. We do have specific colors for each grandson. You have the styles in other colors. I started purchasing outfits for the holidays. The holiday photos of my grandchildren in their holiday outfits are going to be stunning. Thank you for all you do for families. Thank you for offering quality clothing and equipment in excellent condition.
Thank you for the affordable pricing on your items. I have sent your information to my friends, who are grandmothers. I have sent your information to my neighbors, who are starting their families. The young families are on strict budgets, especially during the pandemic because of jobs or lack of jobs. You are helping them out in many ways. It is comforting to know that in this ever changing world, there are business people who can do both: provide quality, affordable products for consumers and yet provide for the business. You are a company who truly care.
Thank you,
Pam C.
Hi there, I didnt see any way to leave a review but everything was perfect! All 3 of my shipments were wonderful and I will be a regular customer.
Bridget D.